Social Welfare ㆍ2005 monthly financial support for boys and girls householder
ㆍJan. 2005 Support Korean nation welfare Foundation
ㆍJan. 2005 Support a private foundation of Friends of Love
ㆍFeb. 2005 Support the deaf (Samsung deaf institution)
ㆍSupport new millennium life movement
ㆍMar 2005 Support Korea Red Cross
ㆍApr 2005 Support Korea handicapped association, Seoul city association
ㆍMay 2005 Support Korea Handicapped Community
ㆍDec. 2005 Support Holt Ilsan Care center
ㆍDec. 2005 Support the House of Sillo
ㆍDec. 2005 Support Bethany
ㆍDec. 2005 Support Korea Welfare Foundation
ㆍDec. 2005 Support Seongrimwon

Academy ㆍJan. 2005 Support Industry/Academy Management Technology Institute
ㆍApr. 2005 Support Hanse University
ㆍAug. 2005 Support Medical School of Seoul National University

Local community development ㆍFeb. 2005 Support Noryangjin Catholic Church
ㆍApr. 2005 Support Insa-Dong Traditional Culture Preservation Association

Cultural arts ㆍ2005 Support Seoul Chamber Choir Music Concerts every month
ㆍMay 2005 Support Korea Dance Sport League

Social Welfare ㆍNov. 2004 Music concert for the handicapped children
ㆍNov. 2004 Support Handicapped Choir
ㆍSept. 2004 Support Free Lunch for poor old people at Osan city
ㆍJan. 2004 Support the deaf children (Samsung Deaf Institute)
ㆍ2004 Support local poor people every quarter
ㆍ2004 Support boys and girls householder every month
ㆍApr. 2004 Support Samsung-Myeon local people's health improvement

Scholarship ㆍOct. 2004 Scholarship to children of employees who died on duty
ㆍ2004 Support scholarship to excellent students
   (Haegang Daesung Scholarship Foundation)

Local community development ㆍApr. 2004 Support funds for Insa-Dong Traditional cultural festival
ㆍAug. 2004 Support Growth Fund for Pyeongtaik University
ㆍMay 2004 Support the 13 th companies/local community athletic event

Cultural arts ㆍ2004 Support Seoul Chamber Choir music concerts every month

Social Welfare

ㆍFeb. /Dec. 2003 Support Deaf Children (Samsung Deaf Institute)
ㆍDec. 2003 Support Holt Children Welfare Association
ㆍDec. 2003 Support Korea Welfare Foundation
ㆍDec. 2003 Support fund for the poor neighbor.
ㆍNov. 2003 Music concert for cancer patients and mental handicapped children
ㆍAug. 2003 Support life materials for the poor neighbor
ㆍJan. 2003 Support poem books to a prison
ㆍ2003 Support boys and girls householder every month
ㆍ2003 Support single old people and poor neighbor every month
ㆍ2003 Support free books to military corps ( Chungseongdae Church ) and
   Attics Churches every other month

Scholarship ㆍOct. 2003 Scholarship to children of employees who died on duty
ㆍ2003 Scholarship to excellent students
   (Haegang Daesung Scholarship Foundation)

Local community development ㆍMay 2003 Support fund for Insa-Dong Traditional Culture Festival
ㆍMay 2003 Support development fund for Namsoo Village of Pyeonyeo-Dong.
ㆍMay 2003 Support development funds for Moksangdong, Daedeok-Gu. Daejeon city
ㆍMay 2003 Support the 12 th company/community athletic event

Cultural arts ㆍApr. /Oct. 2003 Support Messiah Philharmonic Music Concert
ㆍ2003 Support Seoul Chamber Choir every month

Natural disaster recovery ㆍSept. 2003 Support helping money for the recovery from natural disaster of flood.
ㆍFeb. 2003 Support special funds for Daegu subway disaster