[Ethics Management] is a management method that set its standards of norm of its management activities based on the value system of social ethics. The purpose of Ethics Management is to secure rightful profits of corporations for their long-term survival and to reinforce the control of high-risk areas that give dangers to corporations.


Recently reputable foreign/domestic corporations are involved in fraudulent accounting practices and international organizations such as, WTO and OECD are actively carrying out anti-corruption movements and reinforcement of ethical norm and therefore, many domestic companies pay lots of attention to Ethics Management.

Daesung Group has successfully grown as a corporation contributing to the growth of national economy in the field of energy since its foundation in 1947. Moreover, in introducing Ethics Management, we have basic concept of increasing the trust of stakeholders of customer, shareholder, and other interested parties, of accomplishing its mission as a member of local community, and of contributing to the development of national economy.


- Finance : Transparent accounting
- Management activity : Prevent insider's trading and illegal practices
- Personnel managemen t: Fair personnel evaluation and prevention of favoritism and unfair intervention in personnel management
- Employees behavior : Observation of all regulations, ethics principle and prevention of bribes
- Social responsibility : Cooperation with local community and contribution to national economy