1. Attitude for customers
    We will try to give impression to customers by providing high quality products and services with faithful attitude and serving heart.

  2. Attitude for shareholder and investor
    We will try to maximize the profits by effectively managing assets of shareholder and investor and to establish a transparent management system by observing corporate accounting regulation.

  3. Attitude of officers and employees
    We will take charge of business implementation with the sense of mission and fair and autonomous attitude in order to accomplish our common goal of the company and to promote a community spirit based on mutual trust.

  4. Attitude for subcontractor
    We will maintain an equal and accompanying companionship with our subcontractors for the joint and mutual benefits by providing them with a transparent and fair transaction opportunity.

  5. Attitude for nation and local community
    We will do our best in protecting environment and natural resources by observing all regulations and serving to nation and local community through the implementation of our businesses in environment friendly manner.